Traveller Pannierz

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These brilliant pannierz are the result of Andy's hard work, numerous iterations to get them *just* right and some good old real world testing - including a crash. After all that hard work Andy's final offering includes the following features: 

  • Slash cut base.
  • Angle cut rear panel to fit snugly into bike shape.
  • Unique and versatile anchoring system.
  • Optional, replaceable and adjustable soft memory foam backing pad.
  • Roll top.
  • Hard plastic back inside.australian-mae-logo.gif
  • Reflective strip on rear pocket
  • Fits any bike with bodywork or fenders to rest on.
  • No frame required.
  • Tough as nails Aussie 17oz canvas with a ripstop weave.
  •  Can be used off set.
  • 15 to 25l per side.


Price is for the pair.