Pair of Pannier Liners

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Lightweight saddle bag pannier inner liner bags

Why wrestle with taking saddle bags off at the end of the day? It's a pain in the butt and spoils an adventure.

Take the contents out of your bags with out removing them from the bike, oh and they make a waterproof system too.

  • Simple drawstring top and carry strap.
  • Carry strap designed to hang from a tree or bathroom hook.
  • Made of slippery, reinforced tent fly type nylon.
  • Great to control dust and grime too!
  • Being a natural canvas, the our Pannierz can ‘sweat’ after a few days in the rain. I prefer to keep the most sensitive items in the Linerz. I hate damp socks and undies.
  • Designed to slip snugly into our Pannierz and TopSakz but useful for many other sorts of bag.

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