Asymmetrical Bag Set for 2017+ Stroms and KTM1090/1190/1290

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The hard panniers available for the KTM 1090/1190/1290 stick out a mile and a half either side of the bike and weight over 20 lbs. We won't even mention what they look like after the inevitable tumble. 

The aim at Strapz HQ was to get the whole set up as close to handle bar width as possible. The solution was to think outside the box (get it) and use our Traveller Pannierz.

By making a squatter frame and positioning the bags above the muffler, we have achieved this. The challenge was then to get a bit more volume into the carrying capacity of the bike, and again we jumped out the box. We combined an Avduro 2 Pannier on the left and a Traveler on the right - the Asymmetrical Set.

As you can see by the photos, the bike is narrow when fitted with either pannier and the only choice you really need to make is whether you like symmetry or asymmetry. I prefer the Asymmetrical set as the rectangular left bag is a bit easier to pack.

Total weight of Traveler Panniers, 2 Liners and Frame set 8 lbs! That's everything required, both sides, all fittings, the lot. 

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